Safe Sitter® A Curriculum for Young Teens

Holy Name Simluation - Safe Sitter

The Safe Sitter® courses offer the only national standard training curriculum exclusively devoted to preparing young teens to be safe in unsupervised settings, whether home alone, sibling sitting or baby-sitting.

Course Options

Safe Sitter® Essentials with CPR: a 6 ½ hour course that covers all of the course content in Safe Sitter® Essentials, with an additional hour of CPR instruction and manikin practice.

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April 25, 2019 August 19, 2019

October 14, 2019 November 7, 2019

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Simulation learning is the process of recreating real life medical scenarios for training purposes - to increase patient safety and help save lives.
Cedar Wang, Director of Simulation
On Caucus: NJ with Steve Adubato
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